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Uniting Business LIVE

2022.9.19 @ 8:00 오전 - 2022.9.21 @ 5:00 오후

Held on the sidelines of the UN General AssemblyWeek, Uniting Business LIVE hosts the Private Sector Forum, Global ImpactForum, SDG Business Forum (co-convened with ICC and UN DESA) and the Young SDGInnovators Summit. Uniting Business LIVE aligns with the themes of the GeneralAssembly and amplifies unified global actions on the SDGs. A three-day event.


The Young Leaders Summit will be a convening tocelebrate and engage young corporate leaders and entrepreneurs to create thesolutions for the future of sustainable business.  This Summit is designed to stay virtualyear-after-year.

세부 사항

2022.9.19 @ 8:00 오전
2022.9.21 @ 5:00 오후