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2012-09-14 14:46


China-Japan-Korea Roundtable Fosters Innovation and Collaboration on Corporate Sustainability


(13 September 2012, Seoul) – The Global Compact China-Japan-Korea Roundtable (CJK Roundtable), a joint platform that aims to promote collaboration among three Global Compact Networks through learning and dialogue, concluded its fourth conference today in Seoul. The three Networks reaffirmed their continued commitment to corporate sustainability, and highlighted the important role that the CJK Roundtable can play in fostering innovation and collaboration among these countries.

“The Roundtable plays an important role in fostering mutual understanding and nurturing friendship, and stimulates cross-learning among three Networks,” said Toshio Arima, President, Global Compact Japan Network and Member of the Global Compact Board.

By convening approximately 150 participants from business, governments, academia and civil society, the fourth Roundtable helped define common challenges facing these Networks in promoting the ten principles of the Global Compact. Specifically, participants discussed how the Global Compact Local Networks in these countries can more effectively support participating companies in the areas of value chain management, collective action and partnerships, and sustainable development.

Throughout the meeting, participants stressed the importance of integrating the UN Global Compact into companies’ supply chains, and discussed the types of partnerships and collective action that create the best environments for corporate sustainability. Participants shared their experiences and takeaways from the Rio+20 Corporate Sustainability Forum, which brought together 2,700 business leaders, investors, academics, Government officials, environmentalists in Rio de Janeiro last June to bring greater scale and quality to corporate sustainability practices. Additional elements of the Roundtable included an introduction of the Children’s Rights and Business Principles, and a session for academics to better understand corporate sustainability trends in the three countries.

“We are confident that through this meeting, we can deepen our understanding on corporate sustainable development in the three countries; make progress in exploring other cooperation mechanisms; and promote sustainable development of companies through joining forces in advancing the Global Compact and raising its profile in China, Japan, and Korea – to make greater contributions to a brighter future for human beings,” said Huang Wensheng, Secretary-General, Global Compact China Network.

During the event, participants from the three Networks were invited to engage in the post-2015 development agenda and bring regional private sector perspectives into the formation of the sustainable development goals.

“The China-Japan-Korea Roundtable is a notable example of how the UN Global Compact’s universal values inspire regional cooperation,” said Georg Kell, Executive Director of the UN Global Compact. “As the international community explores the vision for the post-2015 development agenda, the CJK Roundtable can help deliver regional business perspectives and mobilize private sector support for sustainable development goals.”

Since the first CJK Roundtable in Seoul in 2009, collaboration among the three Networks has resulted in the first joint survey on corporate sustainability practices, as well as their participation in the introduction of the UN Global Compact in Myanmar in May 2012.

“Since the first CJK Roundtable in 2009, the close relationship among the three networks has strengthened the awareness of the UN Global Compact in the region. More and more East Asian companies are participating in the UN Global Compact and I think the CJK Roundtable has played a pivotal role in this”, said Dr. Seung-Han Lee, President of the Global Compact Korea Network and host of this year’s Roundtable.


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Da Woon Chung

UN Global Compact